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Storytelling: Street Photography

Improve your confidence in taking candid shots of strangers and train yourself to look for those rare “decisive moments.” Master the art of composition and how to frame your shots to form the perfect narrative. Tell your best story combining images and captions. Learn how to best capture the spontaneity of life around you!

We will give you hints, tips, tricks, inspirations, and compelling assignments that will help you be more brave on the street, and really “connect” with the subjects that you encounter.

The key part of this Workshop is the constructive critique we give you for each photo that you turn in — letting you know immediately what works, and what might not be working and needs improving, in each image.

(NOTE: While you can register and take this class at any time, we also limit the number of students we have so that it’s never above a certain number — as we want to ensure each student is getting the full attention they deserve on their photos. So if a workshop happens to be full at the moment, we’ll notify you when it’s available again).

For MORE on what to expect in this workshop (and all that it includes), please make sure to read about the “Storytelling Series” here.

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openPhoto by Anton Kawasaki

Still not sure? Read some “Testimonials” from our former students, or peruse our “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Photo by Sion FullanaPhoto by Sion Fullana

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